Dual Language Program 이란? 이중언어 교육이란?

아란에서 이루어지는 Dual Language Education, 이중언어교육은 21세기에서 왜 중요할까요? 그리고 왜 많은 선진국가에서 주요한 교육정책으로 추진하고 있을까요? 미국은 Dual Language Education을 중요한 교육정책으로 추진하고 있으며 2015년에 아래와 같은 내용의 보고서를 만들어 그 중요성을 더욱 부각하였습니다.


아란의 Dual Language Program은 레지오접근법을 기반으로 한 모국어 수업과 미국교과서를 커리큘럼으로 사용한 매일 2시간의 English Immersion 으로 이루어집니다. 모국어 발달은 영어 습득과 발달을 견인합니다.

1. The development of bilingualism, biliteracy, and global awareness, 이중언어, 이중언어문해능력, 범세계적 인식의 계발은 21세기 교육의 핵심목표중 하나 입니다.
Global awareness is a new essential in the global economy. Americans need a secure
understanding of global issues that affect them as citizens and workers. They need to be
able to learn from and work collaboratively with people from a range of diverse cultures
and lifestyles. They need to be able to communicate in languages other than English
(Kay, 2010, p. xxii).

2. 이중언어는 여러 분야의 인지발달에 있어 좋은 영향을 미칩니다.
Bilingualism also is associated with a variety of cognitive benefits. For example, executive
function skills (i.e., cognitive processes involved in planning and carrying out actions) appear to
be enhanced in students who are becoming bilingual (Esposito & Baker-Ward, 2013; see reviews
of the research for young children in Ball, 2010; Espinosa, 2013; Sandhofer & Uchikoshi, 2013;
and Barac, Bialystok, Castro, & Sanchez, 2014.) Research also shows that ELs can benefit from
continuing to learn in their native language, both academically and cognitively (Lindholm-Leary
& Genesee, 2014). Oral proficiency and literacy in a student’s first language, for example, can
facilitate English literacy development (August & Shanahan, 2006; Moughamian, Rivera, &
Francis, 2009; Wu, 2005). ELs also can develop high levels of academic proficiency in their
native language (while mastering English as well), giving them the asset of bilingualism.

3. 이중언어는 개인뿐만이 아닌 국가적인 자산입니다.
Bilingualism is an asset not only to individuals, but also to the countries they live in. As U.S.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Assistant Deputy Secretary Libia Gil have observed, it
is important to maximize the resources students bring with them when they come to school,
including their home language skills.