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In Aran, where children grow up beautiful, children are excited about today's event and are happy to run into the challenge again in a new way that comes to mind. In Aran, children live with their friends and learn the joy of learning, the wonder of enlightenment.

English Program

Why Choose The Aran Institute of Reggio Emilia?

What makes our school special?

English Program

The Dual Language Program has been tried and proven effective worldwide.

Aran & AIR's Dual Language Program is effective in English Professional & Literacy development with native language development.

What makes our school special?

We are ambitious for our studentsWe believe there is no limit to what every student can achieve - academically, socially and personally. Our schools will encourage your child to reach for their dreams and try something new in every aspect of their education.


Why Choose The Aran Institute of Reggio Emilia?

From 2005, we have been offering personalized, inspiring learning to more than 5,400 students between 3-12 years old. 
21st century leaders will need a global mindset, and the confidence to adopt new ideas. At AIR, we offer students an education that goes beyond grades, and prepares them to achieve more than they thought possible. So what makes an education with AIR?


Our school in action

At AIR, there's something exciting happening every day. We deliver practical, innovative teaching that brings subjects to life, while our activities and expeditions show your child the world in a new way.


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